The Temp in Accounting

The Temp in Accounting

His prospects of affluence seem to be shrinking
in direct proportion to what he’s been drinking.
Lately it seems that the hours he’s been working
are less than the hours that he has been shirking
his tasks of the day. When we look at his history,
I must admit it’s a bit of a mystery
why they’ve retained him for even this long,
for he’s more attached to his lighter and bong
than he is to his actuarial tables.
His financial projections?  Primarily fables.
In short, his behavior is simply pubescent
and prospects of tenure likely evanescent.
When the boss went to find this latest young bloke,
he found he’d stepped out for his hourly toke.
All in all, I think I’m not amiss in projecting
 he’ll be more temporary than he was expecting.


Prompts today are evanescent, history, prospect, affluent and working.

14 thoughts on “The Temp in Accounting

  1. slmret

    Interesting how youth expands the view of possibilities! So many kids graduate with an inflated idea of what they can earn in their first job, and are so sorely disappointed! I love this expression of that idea.

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