There are moments caught between heart-beats that fall into crevasses where they nourish our dreams. Streaming rivulets that escape our conscious daylight world swell these moments until they become full-grown nightly adventures––what we have hoped blended with what else might be possible, tempered by fears and regrets. What part of us orchestrates these dreams has never been discovered––some grand arranger of self that does not allow itself to be controlled by any conscious part of us, perhaps. It is a cinema we construct for ourselves—a relief from or a censor of or a collector of those parts of ourselves we would otherwise not deal with. Those parts of ourselves we struggle to forget and throw away? There is no detritus in our lives. Some great hoarder within us reaches out a hand to capture and arrange them, then calls them dreams.


The dVerse Poets Pub prompt today was to write a 144-word flash fiction piece making use of the first sentence in my essay above.

10 thoughts on “Hoarder

  1. kim881

    I love the idea of ‘some great hoarder’ collecting all the ‘moments caught between heart-beats that fall into crevasses where they nourish our dreams’. I also love the metamorphoses from ‘streaming rivulets that escape our conscious daylight world’ into ‘full-grown nightly adventures’. A lovely piece, Judy!


  2. slmret

    What a beautiful explanation of dreams and where they come from. I rarely remember dreams — do I suppress those rivulets of daylight experience, or do I forget and throw away the detritus before it becomes part of a dream? — Who knows?

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    The past couple of days I have been collecting data on the brain. That three pound piece of mush, or tapioca, knitted together with connections controlling everything we do, then in addition a mighty memory bank to add. Then at night when out bodies are tired, and we are resting it, that stupid brain is having fun with crazy dreams, in addition to having worked all day. So I decided that I needed to put together something on the subject, but when I got all the information i needed together, I went into a complete mental block and could not even write the first line. Damn brain was blocking me, as though it did not want me to do it~! Ha ha…. I hope that I am not making a pest of my self, I do appreciate you helping me to connect. So if you find time here is another approach on dreams. I sent it to a minister who was writing a book on HEAVEN, but he must now have appreciated it.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        I wanted to thank you for the heads up on the book: “The Brain That Changes Itself”. As normal you covered exactly how I was thinking. I first went to the book reviews of it, then to Amazon to order it. I have never seen as many positive reviews in one place. I am a book nut~! Bet you do not get the service I do on delivery. My book is already here (one day Amazon delivery), and I am reading it.

        A similar approach to this book is one I have had for many years, It is about a French Doctor who practiced retraining the brain, the book was published in 1922~!, called “The Practice of Autosuggestion”, by C. Harry Brooks and it is about the practice by Emild Coue, but they called it something else than “Neuroplasticity” like this book they cover several cases of the practice.

        I wondered if it was still possible to get a copy of this very old book, and was surprised when I googled it that you actually can get it in full print online. There are several places where you can access it but try this: “project gutenberg the practice of autosuggestion, by c. harry brooks”.

        Please forgive me, I am embarrassed for writing so much on your blog, gmail would be better for me.


  4. lifelessons Post author

    Thanks, Victoria. I think dreams are one of the great mysteries of life. A dream is like some creation beyond creation that just wants to express itself. No matter how involved and outrageous, nature just wants to go one step farther.



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