Turn about Does Not Play Fair

Turn about Does Not Play Fair

If your social popularity has wandered off the track,
here’s a little good advice to help you get it back.
Practice your endurance. Listen when friends tell
all those oft-heard stories, even though you know them well.
But don’t expect the same from them when they show inattention
with each repeated story that you are going to mention.
Your stories retold more than once lack the fascination
of their latest version of their favorite rumination.

Prompt words today are go, social, track, endurance and listen.
This photo used for illustrative purposes only. In no way is this poem actually about these two lovely women.

3 thoughts on “Turn about Does Not Play Fair

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I like oft-heard stories. And I have favorites, as in: “Ooh, tell the on about … ” There’s an art to telling a frequently told story. It’s like hearing an old joke and laughing before the punchline or rereading a favorite book or poem for the 200th time.

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