Pistachio Tree Blooms: FOTD Mar 10, 2020


For Cee’s FOTD

7 thoughts on “Pistachio Tree Blooms: FOTD Mar 10, 2020


    Interesting, my Pistachio trees have very small flowers but great bunches of berries, must be a different kind. They show their beauty in the fall as they are one of the only trees that turn bright yellow, to orange to deep red in the fall…The coons and possums love the fruit and leave evidence to show me their appreciation. Wish they made pistachios large enough for me to eat~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have only ever eaten one pistachio from this tree in ten years! The birds get all the rest before they ripen, I guess. I never even see very many on the tree.



    I need to get a photo of the blossoms which have not started yet, but my red-buds , peaches, plum etc have started and my mountain laurel are getting ready to bloom which is a beautiful tree. The Pistachio has huge drupes as thick as the blossoms you show on yours and the leaves are the same. The animals eat them, seeds and all….. You need a poem about your one Pistachio~! I refer to them in the French Pistache, it is also a derogative for something or someone very small.



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