Chaos Theory Retablo

It just occurred to me that this retablo I couldn’t post before because it was in a show  is now hanging on my wall. Since it fits the prompt, here it is:


For Lens Artist Challenge: Chaos

7 thoughts on “Chaos Theory Retablo

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  2. Leya

    A beautiful chaos – on your wall? Is the yellow background your wall or on the show? I also learned a new word – retablo – always appreciated.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      The yellow is the wall, Leya. It is actually more of a chartreuse color, but the light I used made it look more yellow. The coin behind the puzzle pieces and the dice that the dart is sticking into is a mardi gras coin and says “Destiny,” which was the theme of mardi gras that year. Chaos, Fate and Destiny. How do they work together in this world?



    Wow this retablo tells such a story, I especially like the puzzle pieces viewing from outside with luck and a glass door to keep the Joker and chaos inside, including a STORMY Daniels . So many examples of our destiny, whether it be fate, chaos or lucky success. I see this one as a very poetic vision story. THANKS JUDY~! (only my interpretation, not necessarily yours), to each his own view of fate.



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