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Water Denizen Trios: Which Do You Prefer?

Please click on photos to enlarge.

Which do you prefer? Three different shots of the same scene. I couldn’t decide. Night Herons at rest.

Here is another. Egrets walking.


And finally: Three more choices of water creatures of another sort. Closeup or far view? Which do you prefer?

For Lens Artist Challenge: Three of a Kind



Interesting Objects: Nature’s Art


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The first tiny sculpture  of a bear attached to a branch of driftwood is exactly as I found it on a branch on the beach. I haven’t colored or shaped it in any manner. Nature’s sculpture. The second photo is of a lamp made of elements found in nature by my husband, Bob Brown. The shade of handmade paper made from tree bark and liana was made by me.

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Interesting Objects

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


To enlarge photos and read captions that give a hint of the story told, click on each photo.

For Lens Artist Challenge #176: One Picture, One Story

Intriguing Insects: Lens Artist Challenge 174

I am fascinated by the remarkable variety and beauty of insects. Here are a few of the more unusual ones that have visited my garden. Please click on photos to see larger views.

For the Lens Artist Challenge: Follow Your Bliss

Lens Artist Challenge: Your Inspiration

Other than writing, I channel my inspirations by creating mixed-media story boxes that I call retablos. An explanation of the term is given in one of the photos. They may be enlarged by clicking on each photo in turn.

For the Lens Artist Challenge: Your Inspiration