FOTD Mar 14, 2020



Love the rosy tips of this Sedum Rubrotinctum plant. I think these qualify as “leaves.”

For Cee’s FOTD Challenge

11 thoughts on “FOTD Mar 14, 2020

    1. lifelessons Post author

      This one was taken with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Formerly I sometimes used an iPhone 6, but usually used my Canon SX730 S Which has a 40X optical zoom and up to 100X digital zoom. The iPhone only has a 10X zoom so I still use the camera for distance shots if I have it with me. Handy to be able to carry the iPhone in a small purse…

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      1. SueW

        I take many of my photos with my iPhone 7s because like you say it’s always at hand. I also have a Sony DSLR with a separate long lens for distance, but I’ve had it over ten years and I’m on the lookout for something smaller but with a good zoom. Thank you, Judy 🙂


        1. lifelessons Post author

          My friend just asked what camera I used and bought the Canon and loves it. It is small with no lenses to attach..I’ve been very happy with it and still ue it as with the moon shots the other night. It is very easy to use…

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