Is a place in all of us
Where we converse
With a different part of our mind.

Can do it.
All it takes
Is turning off the television
Or the free cell solitaire
And bringing up a blank page on the screen
And filling it.

A poet
Is someone who chooses to go there often
And to add to the bank
Of wisdom
That comes from the part of us
Whose language is


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38 thoughts on “Poetry

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Hi Jade. Somehow missed out on your message before. I’ve been sequestered except for three trips to town for grocery-shopping and getting money at the bank. The nearby town where I do that has men by the side of the road stopping all cars and only letting locals pass as I live in a resort area. There seems not to be the resistance to authority here in my part of Mexico that there seems to be in many places in the states–perhaps because the president is not stirring discontent to further his own purposes. Security at our only local mall won’t even let anyone over 60 enter–which is strange. Supposedly protecting us, but I had to send someone younger to pay my cellphone bill as even Telcel is checking i.d.’s for age.

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          1. msjadeli

            It sounds like they are taking it seriously where you’re at, which is much preferred to do-as-you-please-nobody-enforces-anything. The day before Mother’s Day I met up with my kids at a park to walk (with face coverings and maintaining social distancing 99% of the time) and saw a crowded ice cream stand, in open defiance of the lockdown. I can see drive-thrus for food, even though a chance is taken, but what I saw was unacceptable. Glad you are doing ok and are able to get what you need through this time.

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