Kalanchoe: FOTD Apr 5, 2020



Cee’s yellow iris is gorgeous today. See it HERE.

6 thoughts on “Kalanchoe: FOTD Apr 5, 2020


    UMG even when my Kalanchoe do bloom, they never do look like that and even a macro lyns does not help… My handicap is a little cat Eppie, who has decided that my plants on the sun porch are a better place than that expensive automated, self cleaning litter box. So I think that freezing weather is over and will take plants back outside.
    Liar liar pants on fire~!!!

    No you were right my cup cake did not blow up, but you should never tell a man that something is easy to cook. I do OK with my “everything pot” and my “rice cooker”, even do OK in my oven, if I am careful to set the temperature and timer right, (today it’s Buffalo Wings) but I have had explosions in my microwave and mostly have to heat up my coffee several times before the radiation in it is just right, due to my forgetting that I put it in there.

    SO I used my (extra large) cup to mix everything just right, see photo of work station. Started across the room and the cup slipped off the counter. I can not admit defeat, so I started again with the next largest cup, Everything went well and I put it in the radiation chamber and set the time at 1.45 minutes. About that time Janet Waters called and (we talked a long time), I heard the dinger ding, thinking that I would have cup cake with my Buffalo Wings, so after hanging up, I went to take my gourmet efforts out, So opened the thing and the photo shows the result, there was about ¼ inch of hard, paste on the bottom, you see the rest. Guess I will have to throw that cup away too….

    So next time I get hungry for cup cake I will let Little Debby do it~! Now Maria does not come until Thursday, and Tami can not eat chocolate, so it is up to me to clean up that mess including the counter, But the microwave is OK except for a little burned in chocolate paste.

    However the Buffalo wings came out perfect and Tami and I are having a feast. She looks at me with those big eyes saying “you sure are a good cook Dad~!” Sure great being appreciated~! Wonder how you get Buffalo Wing drippings off a keyboard~!

    There is more danger of me going to the hospital from food poison than there is for the virus~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Grooooaaann.. Sam, don’t throw the cup away. put white vinegar in it. Let is soak for awhile and then put baking soda in it. Do this in the sink as it will do the same thing your cupcake did and flow over the sides. Did you by any chance put too much baking soda in the mix? That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause that explosion. Oh dear. Well, sorry for your disaster but look what a good blog you got out of it!! The other possibility is that when you didn’t take it out of the microwave right away that it went on cooking but seems that would have burned it, not caused it to overflow. Hmmmm.

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        Well Judy if had worked the first time or even the second try, then I would have eaten the thing and would have had no memories about it. I liked your statement “what a good blog you got out of it” I did question the baking soda vs baking powder and read both on the can and box, as it is a box used I keep open in the refrigerator and it has been there for about a year, kind of old. But the best excuse I can come up with is that Janet and I just talked too long~! Ha~! Yes I will try it again maybe as soon as tomorrow before I put all of that “stuff” back in the cabinet…. Hay I have another special thing: with the virus, you are supposed to use more citrus, and also alcohol is a good anti bug deterrent so I am on a Margarita diet~!



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