Corona Confession

Corona Confession

My house is in shambles and yes, I’m contrite.
I shudder to see what was once a delight.
My Kindle’s been lost for at least a whole week.
Though I look and I look, I see not what I seek.

The videos loaned me a fortnight ago
still sit on my table, lined up in a row
along with a file, unfettered and scattered
of poems from the past that I really thought mattered

ten days ago when I resurrected
them from an old file folder that I detected
archived in a box hidden under the bed
(Though they probably would have gone better unread.)

Nonetheless, they remain on my table these days
as I wander around in a sheltering haze,
cooking a microwave cup cake or eight
and wondering why I am putting on weight.

Since there’s no one to witness my slothful adventures,
I don’t bother with underwear, makeup or dentures.
If it weren’t for this blog, none would know my disgrace,
for there’s no one to witness my falling from grace!

Prompt words today are contrite, shambles, grace, adventure and witness.

As an interesting footnote to this posting, did you happen to notice that little blue edge poking out from under the tablet on top of the box of videos?  Guess what? My Kindle!!!!

35 thoughts on “Corona Confession

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Lost your Kindle — Oh no, that is tough! I rely on mine a lot.
    I know what you mean about resurrecting poems and wondering what I was feeling, or wanting to express. It’s only an inky trail now. 🙂



    GREAT~!~!, DITTO ME~! That photo of my kitchen did not show the dishes down in the sink. Aren/t photos great, they can be selective if you take them with care.

    Off to see my urologist which is past due. But the new way is that they make an appointment coupled with the room, so there is no sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of other old people passing their germs around. So I am just taken back to my room to read your book once again, until the doctor comes in and “I hang out” with him.
    It is a beautiful day in the Texas Hill country, my doors and windows are all open and I have a cat or dog sitting in each door. I am sure the cats are listening to the birds, and music is not what is on their minds. They learn that if they chew on the little bells around their necks, it improves their ability in the chase. OH you found your kindle. That’s OK, Janet did not know that a wire always has two ends and I did not know that baking soda and baking were interchangeable. (well I did, long story)

    ps: I use those nice large plastic containers with lids and they fit nicely under the bed in my guest bedroom. They are mostly full of very old photos and letters, going back a hundred years, and now that i am the last of the Tribe, I must go through them and identify the people. Another procrastination, but I feel when I am gone who cares.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was just thinking about that. I have nieces and a nephew and great nieces and nephews but don’t know if they are interested.. Gotta get them down here and see. The greats have all been down and one was supposed to be here now but you know what happened. When you said you did not know that baking soda and baking were interchangeable, did you mean baking powder–and that they are not?


  3. slmret

    I’m making progress against the paper chase — the interim result is that I see things but don’t know later where I saw them! They will surface again soon, and the hunting grounds are slowly dwindling I can usually find them. Glad you found the Kindle — it should pop out at you with that blue cover!


      1. slmret

        I’ve done that many times — I have a black “portfolio” that I take to meetings when I need to take notes. I often have to find it — since the last time I used it, it has been well buried with irrelevant papers. There have even been times when I’ve had to take a different note pad instead, because I couldn’t find the “portfolio”! I know where it is now, because I remember when/why I last used it!


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Ha. Do you read Derrick’s blog? Where he always put a photo of the little robin in his garden and you had to find it? I could do that with my kindle..or glasses..or keys.
        I actually put away an entire laptop before I went to Colima so it would be hard to find if someone broke into the house and it took me three weeks to find it!!

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        1. SAM VOELKER

          I still can’t find my glasses, and have been saying that Maria must have thrown them away….My night table has a small trash basket between it and my bed, so I can reach the table as the last thing at night, but I may have missed the table because the maids move my table away so they can get to the fitted sheet. Well next day Maria emptied the trash before I missed my glasses. So it was her fault.

          It is funny but that photo of your work table gave me an an idea, a work table tells so ,much about a person. This would make a good blog contest, See I know that you take Probiotics so you have a healthy gut, but also you just took four bufferin, so may be getting a headache. I do not know what that large bottle of viscus liquid is, but my advice is don’t drink that. Also did you know that Probiotic merged with a wine company~! so a liquid diet may be easier to go down. and if you look at my before photo you will see the box of soda on the far left and the red can of baking powder way on the right~! I am left handed and I rest my case.
          So how do I find Derricks page~?
          Am I getting on your nerves yet~?


  4. annieasksyou

    ‘Tis a brave confession you’ve just recited, but alas, I believe that I’m similarly blighted.
    I have my Kindle and all my teeth,
    Yet sans makeup and haircut…
    Oh my—and good grief!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I just replenished mine, but not much. Just discovered after I got home that the main store I shop at is closing until after the quarantine. Wish I’d know this when shopping there!

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  5. Stine Writing

    That was hysterical! I shower at night now because when I wake up I just get dressed and head downstairs. I don’t have anywhere to go so I don’t feel like getting all put together. If I didn’t shower at night I fear I would forget about it until it was too late!!!!


  6. Sartenada

    Hello Judy.

    Are you healthy? Happily, we are and tomorrow we have been under lockdown 4 weeks. It will last yet two weeks more, but if it ends then is unclear.

    Stay safe and healthy!



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