“Who Am I Under Here?” Mask Contest. Cash Prizes!!!

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” Who Am I Under Here?” Mask Contest. Cash Prizes!!!

I had to go out the other day to take photos but my iPhone suddenly would not respond to my demands. It took me awhile to realize that it was activated by facial recognition and I had my mask on!! Ha!

I wonder how many others have had this same thing happen and it set me to thinking that I’d like to sponsor a mask competition for decorating an actual mask worn to fend off the coronavirus in two categories.

1.  In one, for a mask that is painted to actually look like the parts of your own face covered by the mask so you look as much like yourself as possible in the mask as without. This needs to be done on an actual mask you’ve been using for health reasons. In this category, the winner will be determined according to skill of execution, appeal, likeness to your own face or perhaps humor if you are using a gimmick. A $50 prize will be awarded in this category.

2.  The second contest is for the most imaginatively painted or decorated mask. Again, it needs to be an actual mask that you have been wearing. The medical mask, particle mask,  homemade cloth mask or whatever you’ve been wearing needs to be the base but you may embellish it however you wish,  paint on it or both. In this category it need not be painted to be an extension of your own face. In other words it should not be painted to look like you but it must be wearable. The winner will be determined according to originality, skill of execution and appeal and perhaps humor  if this is your intent, but need not be humorous to win. A $50 prize will be awarded in this category

If you do not have a blog or website, please post a photo on my facebook page, not as a personal message . If you do have a blog or website,  post in your site with a link to this blog at: https://judydykstrabrown.com/2020/04/09/who-am-i-under-here-mask-contest-cash-prizes/ If it is linked to another posting on my blog and it isn’t linked to this particular blog, I may not see it. Just put a comment with the URL of your blog where your photo is posted.

Two $50 first prizes will be awarded, with the understanding that you give permission for me to publish a photo of your mask in my blog. ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 24.

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