Haynaku for NaPoWriMo 2020, Day 10 (Kitten on the Keys)

Kitten on the Keys

months gone
or maybe more

she hears
a closing door

it’s him
walking the floor

all is empty
space and time

kisses fond
or words sublime

are but
creak and groan

lies here
listening all alone

on the 
roof top rafter

in type
the morning after

a wife
no regrets sold

doesn’t know
the story told

paws heed
no man’s barriers

the perfect
love note carriers


This is a true story. Today while cleaning and organizing my art studio, I found a bag with old notes from my husband in it. Included was this message found typed out on my computer a few months after he died. The kittens loved to walk over the keys and I had heard Talulah or Annie do so the night before. What came out was gobbledygook with “once a wife no regrets sold.” typed out in the middle of it. For nineteen years, I’ve been trying to figure out what the “sold” was about unless it was that we’d put our house up for sale and bought one in Mexico three weeks before my husband died. This message was received as I lay on the floor on an inflatable mattress in the bedroom of the house we would have shared in Mexico. Nope. No regrets, ever, concerning the move to Mexico, but it took me 8 years to stop feeling married.
This is Annie about 16 years later, perhaps remembering her one successful message on those keys she walked over so many times in the 19 years she shared here with me. She was just a kitten in the time period this poem describes.


The day 10 prompt for NaPoWriMo is to write a haynaku. Six word stanzas with lines of 1, then 2, then 3 words.

17 thoughts on “Haynaku for NaPoWriMo 2020, Day 10 (Kitten on the Keys)


    doggonit Judy, leave me alone~! I was on an UP. I keep telling myself that I do not believe in spirits but they keep bothering me~! As I read your haynaku, tears came into my eyes, remembering similar things happening to me. It was what almost seemed like a daily routine taking Shirley in for Chemo. Each time when we got home the animals would meet us at the car. And for months after her death after greeting me coming home, they would run back around and sit by her door of the car as though waiting for her to get out.

    Then your explanation gave me a second whammy~!

    Also for many months (even years), I have found little notes that she wrote and secreted on hers of my computers along with some stuck in books and in places she knew I would read with some in very strange places like under my underclothes in a drawer. I found one only today written years ago about plants we sent to my mother~! They are usually encouraging or helpful but still sad like hearing from her, in another world.

    Life is strange and I do not know how long ago you wrote this but feel that you are still married too, in a way, even if you deny it, he is still there; if not in body but in mind, I know that I am. And as for spirits, if the relationship was very close and the personality so strong, then maybe they somehow work their selves into our minds in such a way that we see or even hear these things, a shadow in the kitchen or hearing the water running in the bathroom.

    I have always felt that reincarnation may be not in body, but in the mind, like writing data onto a dongle. I know that I have the thoughts and knowledge of my grandfather and maybe even back way beyond him of ancestors I never knew. I have engineering knowledge that I did not learn in school~! I am sure I have part of my father in me, both good and bad, I have his chapbook sitting on the table next to me. I only hope that the good part of me lives on in my writing even if in no other way.


  2. slmret

    Cats are like their humans — once attached, it’s hard to let go! They recognize that the familiar people aren’t there and the routines have changed, and they go looking for people or routines just as we do. This is a wonderful poem, expressing that spiritual connection between us and our animals perfectly!

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  3. Dianne Morrow

    Amazing true story, dear Judy! Never heard of a haynaku so will now have to try one, perhaps on my lonely bday tomorrow, when I’ll see Mike and family frolic under the lindens—through the window, weather permitting (high winds and snow today made the barely blooming crocuses close up)!!

    Dianne Morrow 228 West Covehead Rd. York, PE C0A 1P0 902-672-2013 902-916-4097



  4. judyreeveswriter

    I love this for so many reasons, Judy. The poetic form, which was unfamiliar to me; the whole “kitten on the keys” image brings memories of my lost Rumi kitty, my closest feline friend; and the mystery of the message, whether an actual visitation or some magic of transferring thought to language to actual words… Tell the truth I’m glad we don’t know the answers to these mysteries. Considering how they might be possible opens us to realms beyond the easily explainable, or even explainable at all, ever. Keeps us seeking.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. I feel the same, Judy. Every time I get to a point where I think mysticism and synchronicity and magic are perhaps best left to the past, something like this happens to jerk me back to not depending on pure reason.



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