A Tropical Illusion

Building Paradise

A Tropical Illusion

They’ve spiffied up the island. It was a piece of cake.
No one will ever know that the volcano is a fake.
No amount of protest would stay them from this action
even though of course there was a non-supportive faction
who thought  the former real grass was better than the new
which never needed mowing and was such a lovely hue.
The battle raged throughout, but in spite of it, by June
They had all the equipment for the holographic Moon.

They’d planned their big Grand Opening and advertised online.
From all the folks who liked their ads, they knew that they’d do fine.
They’d made their Island great again. Not one guest disagreed.
Every problem engineered, there was no lack or need.
An homogenized vacation, a prefab honeymoon—
Every month of every year went by the name of June.
Ships came in and ships went out and zombies came and went.
on simulated adventures where life was just for rent!

Prompt words for Thursday are cake, ship, island, battle and amount.

9 thoughts on “A Tropical Illusion

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    “Where life was just for rent.”

    It occurs to me that basically, our lives are just for rent. We are born, we die. In between, we do whatever we do, but we know where the end is. I never looked at it that way.



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