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Every day
is the anniversary
of something,
our lives a potpourri
of past occasions
left to dry in memory.

We traverse
the calendar of our lives
like a game of hopscotch,
dipping into pockets
for a means to play the game
and one day finding chocolates,
the next bitter almonds, 
one made sweeter by that other
that is made more bearable
by the promise of  its opposite.

Today is the anniversary
of seventy-two other days
that added to the rest of the days
granted me by a generous fate,
add up to 26,403
and a life that daily 
has been given to me
like a present
whose contents
I get to choose.

Prompts for today are anniversary,potpourri, generous, traverse and chocolate.

12 thoughts on “Gifts


    I really like that one and all went well until I got to the last verse, don’t mess with a person who spent his whole life digesting numbers daily, those things bother him~! It comes out to almost 78 years~! Now go check mine out on spelling.

    Gave up chocolate, I am now a jellybean man, like the red best~! And they last a lot longer~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        I just dropped the small days, like pi does- Instead I talked about jellybeans and nobody knows how many of those there are. But if you insist I can get close to when your birthday is, but not the hour of the day and you already said more than I would~! After all it is just a number.


  2. annieasksyou

    I like this a lot, Judy. And happy birthday (?)— or are you writing metaphorically?

    Also, thank you for liking my latest overly long, impersonal political soapbox. I realize these posts are not to everyone’s taste, but they’re important to me—and since I’m the boss of this here operation, I indulge. I’m always grateful for support.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      It’s just the anniversary of the day April 15, Annie! The anniversary of my birth is July 3. I, too, feel the need to speak out about present day politics. It’s like I am negating some basic human decency in not doing so. I swear I’m not going to mention Trump and then…I claim the prompts make me do it, but everything makes me do it–especially the news which one cannot avoid if you are on the internet at all.



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