Rebuffing Human Nature

Rebuffing Human Nature

Nature is overwhelmed by us, regretting what we’ve cost.
We’re clouding up her atmosphere and melting all her frost.
She’s showing she’s indignant now by arming every gun.
Before we even see them, I fear that they’ll have won.
Her armaments are minuscule, but nonetheless they’ll beat us.
Weapons need not be visible in order to defeat us.
Determining their actions, our leaders often stumbled.
They find it hard to face they’ve been outstrategized and humbled.
When this mess is over, one more mess will be presented.
Mother Nature will not quit ‘til mankind has repented––
cleaned up all its messes, ceased drilling for her oil,
stopped polluting water and messing with her soil.
If we do not listen and stubbornly persist
in annoying Mother Nature, we may cease to exist.


Prompts today are overwhelmed, indignant, now, determine and frost.


10 thoughts on “Rebuffing Human Nature


    Thanks~! Very Well Done Judy,
    I only hope that we can learn from this, but then will we remember too~! What makes me sad is seeing big business (AKA Trump Base) who will always see money as their God, and the poor lame brain idiots who follow their teachings, convinced that earth is for ever and no worry about the future, because God will take care of them.


  2. Christine Goodnough

    I was discussing with a friend one day just how a city of 3 or 4 million people could manage without electricity. Could everyone just move into the bush and live in a hut — in December?
    She thought it could work, but I’m afraid millions would perish if we didn’t have the systems we have now.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It’s not the systems that are the problems so much as the methodology. There are countries that are much greener than ours. We need to do the best we can to make use of alternate energy sources and to stop the excessive use of plastic. Me, too!!


      1. Christine Goodnough

        Here in Canada we are very thankful to have Niagara Falls — at least Ontario is — to generate a huge supply of power, which we sell the the US NE. But the rest of the provinces mainly depend on hydro-electric generators, which means dams. Environmentalists fuss about those. And then there’s oil. Pipelines. Environmentalists fussing.
        Ontario actually made a HUGE mistake by buying into the idea of “clean” nuclear energy and it’s been a major headache. Those plants have been money gobblers, an ever-present safety hazard, plus what do you do with the nuclear waste?
        I hope our country never goes big into wind turbines because they’re murderous to birds, plus need components (now made in China) using extremely polluting chemicals. So there you are, as far as supplying power is concerned: no quick, clean, easy solutions.
        One blessing of our age is there’s not nearly as much paper being produced, which in some communities cuts down on mercury emissions. Air pollution from traffic could be curbed if gas was rationed. Air travel limited. Cruise ships could be banned. Wouldn’t people scream!?
        But this new, clean air people are seeing in their cities is definitely making for clearer thought. Maybe people wouldn’t scream? 🙂



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