Solitary Wanderings While Listening to Kottke on Echo

Solitary Wanderings While Listening to Kottke on Echo

I’m feeling rather whimsical in spite of guidelines given.
Somehow I can’t remain in the direction I’ve been driven.
I have to hitchhike elsewhere to somewhere I have chosen.
When I go where I’m told to go, I wind up slightly frozen.
I’m sensitive to music. Leo Kottke’s playing now.
Alexa found him for me, though I do not know quite how.

I needed background music that would not completely bore me,
so I gave her directions to play some Leo for me.
Then, feeling sort of friendly, and a little low,
when I asked her favorite music, thinking that she would not know,
she said, “Same as most people, it depends on how I’m feeling.”
With “Sweet Emotions” playing, her comment sent me reeling.

Since even cyber entities seem to have emotions,
I need to be more sensitive in my directive notions.
The afternoon is waning and my thoughts are prone to wander.
I wonder what they thought of as they rambled over yonder?
I guess I’ll never know as I am onto the next thought.
That’s why I never do these poems exactly as I ought!!

Prompt words today are whimsical, guidelines, sensitive, music.

6 thoughts on “Solitary Wanderings While Listening to Kottke on Echo

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, they certainly wandered and I just let them..We may all be batty by the time this is over but must say I’m sorta enjoying it. It is like allowing us to be agoraphobic with no shame attached.

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    Great poem, as usual. But I had another parallel happenstance~! I had a poem to post, that I felt should be posted to music, so I went looking, and just as I asked Alexa to find me the proper music, you popped up looking for Kottke. While I like him, but this is not exactly the type of music I needed, I was looking for light piano, instead of guitar, and I was thinking about Nikos Ignatiadis with soft piano music to fit the poem.

    So you were not a Solitary Wanderer after all. Maybe we have dog brains complete with Telepathic communication, I have noticed an affinity for fire plugs and trees lately, but I have not started barking at cars yet. Oh you may find a little similarity to some of Leo Kottke’s music with Nikos. And the poem is:



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