She found him obnoxious, he found her inane.
Their thirty-day marriage, suddenly insane.
Both were fatigued by exhausting routine.
The breakfast, the paper, the washing machine.
A giant moth fluttered, beating the screen
and the window glass— imprisoned between.
The cryptic message it beat with its wings
sang of detachment and other sad things.
Both heard its struggles and both moved to free
anxious to end at least one tragedy.
Her hand touched the clasp and his moved the screen.
The moth vanished into the fresh morning green.
A brush of his knuckles on the hair of her arm,
his gentle reminder that he’d meant no harm.
Her turning toward him, a touch and a kiss.
Their world straightened out with nothing remiss.
A silent tableau—solution with no words.
A moth soaring free. A chorus of birds.



Word prompts today are flutter, screen, obnoxious, cryptic and routine.

14 thoughts on “Tableau

  1. blindzanygirl

    Beautiful. But am I reading something a bit dark into here as well? It might just be me. There just seemed to be a hint of something there.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Certainly both light and dark here, as in life. For the time-being, problems resolved! The illustration is a bit sinister and perhaps that influenced your mood as well. Sometimes it takes as long to find the right illustration as to write the poem. I’ll keep looking. I think I took this one at Anne of Green Gables’ house on Prince Edward Island.

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    Memories of 53 years ago suddenly came to me,
    posted here for you today, though it is not funny,
    But back then I was full of P & V,
    and sometime was kind of ornery~!

    (She was called “Honey Girl”, and passed away three months back)


    Looking up at the light,
    a moth flew round and round,
    I said isn’t that a funny sight,
    from her not even a sound.

    The moth got much too close to it,
    bumped into the light and so got burned,
    tumbling down as though in a fit,
    a final lesson we both then learned.

    When a bright light is attracting you,
    do not even mess around,
    for it can be very dangerous too,
    and bad consequence may be found.

    For when that bug hit the bed,
    I picked it up and laughed,
    found out that my love life too was dead,
    she said that I was being very crass.

    Who cares about an old dead bug,
    or a girl that is so squeamish
    one that says that I am being a lug,
    however our evening was at a finish,,,,.



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