Meditations from My Room

Click on photos to enlarge and view captions. A poem follows.

Meditations from My Room

I share different  company in my isolation.
Dogs litter my studio floor,
and my backyard is
an in-between place for birds
passing as though at a freeway interchange,
this way and that.

A constant flutter of butterflies
stirs air around the orange and yellow thunbergia,
lush in this season that mixes sun and rain.
They soar down to the empty lot
and back again,
as though no creature can resist
collecting here in my domain.

Nature follows no rules of man.
It cannot learn obeisance or heed human leverage.
Our world, professional and polished—
how easily by nature now turned inward upon itself.

Our burnished world can hold no sway,
for nature heeds no golden cow.
Her empathy extended toward the broader view,
nature must change the things she can.

She has been patient  with us long enough. The time is now.


Prompt words today are empathy, leverage, patient, burnish and professional.

15 thoughts on “Meditations from My Room

  1. bushboy

    Your window to the world is wonderful Judy 🙂 so love the nature that abounds outside. I too have the convenience of getting some photos of the world outside from the comfort of inside 🙂 🙂


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I love it in my studio and haven’t been down here much in 2 or 3 years–once I got obsessed with the blog. I just had wifi extender installed here so I can write here as well and I absolutely love it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thetinypotager

        I don’t know if it’s my middle England dialect but Siri just gives completely random answers to me too 🙂

        Potager in my case, means a little kitchen garden/veg plot 🌿


  2. unsaid words

    I just loved it ,the images your moments amidst nature.And your poetry absolutely true and amazing.
    Nature knows no bonds no restrictions and made our polished professional world to look inward.
    Loved everything about the post thank you for sharing ❤



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