Fourteen Minute Challenge

Ever played a word in Scrabble that you didn’t know the meaning of? They acknowledged it as a word but you hadn’t the foggiest? This happened to me a short while ago. The word was siriasis and extra points to you if you know what it means. Quadruple points if you can write a poem making use of it within the next 14 minutes. Here is my 14 minute poem:


Rainy Day Reminder

You rue those rainy nights and days
when everything is in a haze
and you cannot go out the door
without whiffing petrichor.
Your hair is soggy, face too ruddy,
raincoat sodden, rain boots muddy.
And suffering from all this damping,
girls are in no mood for vamping.
It’s hard to flirt, I must confess,
when one is such a dripping mess.
But consider now the opposite.
When all day in the sun you sit,
you’ll never find men making passes
at girls who suffer siriasis!


(To save you the bother of your looking it up,  siriasis means sunstroke, but it was Bushboy who gave me a hint that led me to investigate the very interesting Australian origins of the word petrichor.)

24 thoughts on “Fourteen Minute Challenge

      1. SAM VOELKER

        Something I have that problem in one day. My biggest problem has been hitting the wrong key, and then spell check changes the word to something else; then sometime I get in trouble over it, because if I do not see spell check making a noise, I just ignore what I have done. Often I find bad errors after I have hit send, or even the next day.


  1. Grace

    “petrichor” is such a cool word and it’s meaning is even more delightful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used in anything other than an article on unusual words. I was delighted to see it!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      It is a favorite word of both Forgottenman’s and mine.. both of us kept forgetting it until it appeared either as a prompt word or some other way..When I learned this new word I quipped that it was the opposite of petrichor..and that’s what prompted the poem. I wanted to write a poem that made use of them both. One sun, one rain, one sense of smell the other sense of touch. Ow.

      Liked by 1 person


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