No Hints Given


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No Hints Given

Outdoors is bright and sunny. The rain has ceased its patter.
The pecking birds are pecking and the chattering birds chatter.
Butterflies stage a homecoming around the tabachine
announcing the retirement of the big machine
that worked the big lot next to me with giant rolling claws,
For eight long hours, it it scooped and scraped without a single pause.
It trounced the giant boulders and put them in their place,
crushed the weeds and tree limbs, leaving not a trace
of all the weeds and rubble, the stones and the debris,
burying it within the earth so we cannot see
all the ugliness of nineteen years’ accumulation.
of our neighborhood’s detritus, so here’s a small ovation.
What new event will crown this lot? What may be coming next?
I guess you’ll have to read about it in upcoming text.


I finally got my lot next door cleared of all the debris neighbors have been piling on it for 19 years. Wish I’d gotten a better photo of the “before,” but here are a a few Johnny-come-lately shots.

Prompt words today are outdoors, homecoming, sunny, trounce and text.

17 thoughts on “No Hints Given

  1. slmret

    It’s beautiful — and what a view! I hope you’ll do something low and beautiful — like expanding your garden — that will enhance and protect that view!


  2. Glenda M Roman

    Image 051 knocks my socks off, in its mysterious contrast, I suppose. And Mystery #2 is what does Judy now plan to do? No doubt she’ll turn an empty lot into more compelling art. You go, girl!

    Liked by 1 person


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