O Come All Ye Faithful


O Come All Ye Faithful

One who worships fashion puts all her faith in clothes.
Each item of adornment is something that she chose.
She displays it from her earlobes to her well-shod toes,
expressing her devotion everywhere she goes.

Who dares impugn her simple faith? Is it more inane
than a ranting prophet, increasingly insane,
expostulating, raving, posturing and vain—
using his religion primarily for gain?

The artist paints his testament and proudly signs his name
to truth he has depicted on canvas, in a frame.
The truth he finds is holy, he means not to defame
the belief of any other, and he hopes we do the same.
Those who protest the loudest their faith’s the only one,
in worshiping the moon may overlook the sun.
Faith cannot be enforced with a rule book or a gun.
A true faith takes in all the  world and seeks to make us one.

Prompts for today are protest, frame, impugn, worship and clothes.

7 thoughts on “O Come All Ye Faithful

  1. Christine Goodnough

    “in worshiping the moon might overlook the sun”
    A profound truth in that line that I find captivating! Something we all might slip into if we’re not careful. We are all one when it comes to the “I’m right and you’re wrong” gene. 🙂
    One blogger’s recent post condemned racists, then went on to criticize Evangelicals, ending with “how morally distorted their backward dogmatism is.” Condemning one wrong, he does a tar-brush swipe of a whole spectrum of people.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      There are good hearts everywhere, but not necessarily where they are labelled as such. I learned a very long time ago to choose deeds over tongues. Those who do the most talking about how good they are are often the ones least good a practicing that goodness.

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