would have married the girl and had children
and been less overt with his teachings
of peace and love too radical
for a world immersed in their opposite.

He would then not have changed the world, perhaps,
but  only lived in contrast
to that power popular among those who needed it
and effective in keeping those averse to it quiet.

If he had married the girl, the world would probably have ended up
pretty much how it has anyway, but he might have had a different ending.
Grown old, had his cronies over to talk about the good old days,
converted water into wine and served them loaves and fishes.

Mary Magdalene would have danced for them in their memories,
and all of his grandchildren would have listened in awe
to hear the tales of how he walked on the water,
bade Lazarus to rise from the grave.

He would shush his cronies as they started in
with tales of how he smashed the souvenir stands
and threw the money changers out of the temple.
Not stories for young ears not quite ready to learn revolution.

And all of the ill done in his name might have happened anyway,
but at least he would have had a good life.  Would have suffered less.
And some other savior might have found a way to save the world
that would have worked.


FordVerse Poets Pub: Write a poem about a deceased person.


30 thoughts on “He

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Some say he did.. that after the resurrection he went to India and had a family. There is supposedly a family that has been protecting his grave down through all the generations since then.

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  1. kim881

    I like to think that He and Mary Magdalene were married, that she bore him children who lived on in anonymity. I wonder where his ancestors would be now and what they would be doing.

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  2. Laura Bloomsbury

    well he never sought fame though we know him down the ages for ever – perhaps had he lived to a ripe old age we would be lost for how to live. And destiny/karma could not be wriggled out of
    – an intriguing idea and response to the prompt

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  3. Jane Dougherty

    What an interesting dead person so choose! And if he had lived a normal, or even heroically revolutionary life, married and had children, then none of the crimes of Christianity would have been perpetrated in his name. They, being kings and warlords, would have found another excuse, of course, but the man from Nazareth with the silver tongue would not have been their idol.


  4. Christine Irving

    Lovely altar – did you arrange it? I liked he last stanza of this poem very much. Have you read Kazantzakis’ “The Last Temptation of Christ”? There’s a movie too, but the book is so much more- Kazantzakis is an amazing writer – holding an especial appeal for poets.


  5. lifelessons Post author

    Yes. I did 38 creches of items I found on the beach. The virgin in this one was as I found it on the beach as are all the items I used. all I did was assemble and affix them.



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