He oozed into the room with a sibilant sigh,
scraping up cobwebs as he slithered by.
The risks of survival for this little guy
I must admit would not be very high.
He’d end up on a spit or perhaps in a pie
if it weren’t for one factor, and I’ll tell you why.
This is where all of his courage must lie:
for if he embedded his fangs in your thigh,
you would have to act quickly or else you might die.
That’s why he is joyous though just an inch high,
and why he soars by with a gleam in his eye.


In case you are interested in what sort of snake this is, HERE is an earlier post I made about it. Thanks to Forgottenman for reminding me about it.

Prompt words for the day are sibilant, risk,joy, courage and survival.

16 thoughts on “Hisssstory

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Dolly, it’s not a snake. It is the flower of the huge oja santa plant in my back yard. Mexicans use its leaves to cook with. Google it. I’d send you some if I could. The flowers look exactly like snakes when they fall off on the ground. They’ve scared me a few times. This one got caught in the palm tree so looks like it is coiled like a snake.

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