On the Straight

Sometimes it is hard to decide which line it is most important to make completely vertical or horizontal in a photo. Especially in Mexico, where things are many times not exactly square! Here are two shots I took and the decisions I made in leveling. The first shot in each sequence is the original shot.

Since none of the trees were parallel anyway, it bothered me most that the roofline was not horizontal, so that is what I used to level the shot.

Since my house is situated on a hill, it is always a hard decision to decide what to make horizontal and it looks off no matter what I do. In the original shot, it bothers me that the front wall is not horizontal. Even if I level it, the shot is awkward because of the upward slope of the hill. One solution is just to crop off the bottom part of the scene so the street doesn’t show.

For the Sunday Stills Challenge. “Let’s Get Something Straight.”

7 thoughts on “On the Straight

  1. slmret

    That’s similar to what I do — whatever bothers me most is the first to be fixed, but then I often go to a fixed upright (eg a corner wall of a building, or the side of a window, etc. to find straight. The most important thing, though is that I end up with nothing that bothers me!


      1. slmret

        Yes, in fact after I posted my comment I realized that I’d omitted the most important straight — especially when there is a lake or seashore, the horizon line becomes the most important straight line!

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  2. Terri Webster Schrandt

    Great examples of straight, Judy! Your house is so gorgeous and colorful! You are so right about selecting which line to straighten. I enjoy photo-editing for the new perspectives it creates in an image! Thanks for sharing for Sunday Stills, late or otherwise 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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