Lack of Willpower During the Coronavirus Sequestering: My First Two Excuses.

Lack of Willpower During the Coronavirus Sequestering:
My First Two Excuses

I’ ve run out of storage for all the provender
I bought in advance, thinking chances were slender
that in a month there’d be staples enough.
I thought that the going was going to get tough.

So with my freezer full and no cupboard space free,
the only place left to store food in is me.
I forage on fudge and I’m gorging on chipsโ€”
storing them here on my waist and my hips.

Please come to my rescue. I’m tortured by guilt.
Last year at this time I was pleasantly built,
but this forced isolation obliterates “no”
as an answer to chocolate and cookie dough.

You may be amused by my failure at coping,
but I am not drinking and I am not doping.
It isn’t my fault. I’m a victim of fate.
It’s my body that’s yearning to assimilate

cookies and candies and pastas and pies.
It’s my body’s fault that I’ve grown a size.
With no one to stop me, I’ve just given in.
I guess you’d describe me as formerly thin!

Words for the day are rescue, torture, obliterate, assimilate and amused.

32 thoughts on “Lack of Willpower During the Coronavirus Sequestering: My First Two Excuses.

      1. rugby843

        My granddaughter was coming by and I asked her to bring some KFC that I have been craving for three years. I only buy skinless boneless breasts and bake them, so I finally succumbed to temptation.๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜„

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          1. rugby843

            I donโ€™t have any idea why the whole thing was not printed out. I used the reblog button on the reader. Everythingโ€™s been a little screwy lately, jumping around, etc. Think the virus attacks electronics?๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      There never were more stacks than usual. I’d just gotten a big pack from Costco before the scare..That was plenty. Who ever thought we’d be asking each other about toilet paper? The world continues to astound.


  2. slmret

    I’ve actually lost weight — no more eating dinners out every night! I get a well-balanced meal, but spread out over the day, so never much at one sitting! I still could lose some more, so cooking for myself isn’t a bad way to do it!


  3. Annette Turner

    Very good, Judy. At first I thought the photo was my fridge and pantry; very similar and I baked cookies today and ate cookie dough and bought stuff to make a mixed berry pie. Yearning for something special or dramatic to offset the humdrum of sameness.

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  4. Mister Bump UK

    I generally wear (elasticated waist) lounge pants around the house, and only put my jeans on the once or twice per week when we go out shopping. For some reason, those jeans are getting gradually smaller!



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