Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I was almost mature, I was almost thin.
Now I must start all over again.
So please have compassion. Eat your own surprise.
Don’t bring me donuts or candy or pies.

I’m redoing my fridge and throwing out naughties
homemade by friends as well as my boughties.
Ice cream and truffles go straight in the bin,
for I must amend this shape I am in.

I’ll begin my diet as soon as I’m able,
pushing myself away from the table
as soon as banana bread I baked last night
has been depleted to nary a bite.

Then I’ll eat salads and green beans and stuff.
Doing without sugar will not be so tough
tomorrow. I’ll begin tomorrow, I vow.
Tomorrow works out so much better than now.

Prompt words today are almost, mature, ready, compassion and organization.

21 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    “Boughties” is a great word – I’ll shamelessly pilfer it from you, Judy. Incidentally, the Russian neologism for stealing is “to communism,” as a verb, e.g. “I have communisded your word.”
    Don’t worry about dieting; remember Scarlett o’Hara: “tomorrow is another day.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I find intermittent fasting to be the easiest diet I’ve ever been on. I fast for 18 hours, then have a 6 hour window during which I eat one meal and my usual morning smoothie–but at night. I don’t count calories or carbs or anything..but eat much less because I never snack and have sorta lost my appetite.

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          1. lindakempwriter

            I’ve lost my appetite too, so I might try intermittent fasting. Never had success with it before as I got too hungry and then ate everything in sight in like 2 mins!! My diet is actually quite healthy and I don’t eat much, don’t snack, etc. The meals we eat are balanced and healthy and prepared here at home (so no sneaky sugar, etc). I find it really frustrating that I weigh as much as I do!! Fasting, here I come!


            1. lifelessons Post author

              One of my main problems was driving home past shops that sold naughty stuff. Now I usually drive by them during my fasting period so I am not tempted. I also have yogurt and frozen blueberries and bananas most days which “solves” my sweet tooth, as my smoothie subs for ice cream. Other than that, I’ve pretty much lost my taste for food. Nothing tastes good, so I usually don’t even finish my one meal a day. Especially because I know that fruit and yogurt is in my near future.

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