Sent to Our Rooms


Sent to Our Rooms

What if we compensated nature for all that we have ruined?
Restored to her what’s apropos to try to get attuned
to her natural cycles, her balances and rules?
What if we acquired wisdom and ceased to play the fools?
If we wrote a different story, her determining the themes,
shifted ourselves to her side instead of warring teams,
once she saw we were behaving, one future glowing day,
might she lift her restrictions and let us out to play?

Prompts for today are what if, apropos, theme, compensate and ruin.

25 thoughts on “Sent to Our Rooms

      1. koolkosherkitchen

        Totally a propos of nothing but paws: There is a new cat in the alley behind our building. He is meowing in such a heart-wrenching way that I went down on Sunday and gave him food and treats. He is declawed! A neighbor told me that he used to belong to a family who moved away and just left him. We can’t take him (three cats in a tiny apartment already), and I don’t know what to do but to feed him and give him love. But he is unprotected out there – I am so mad!



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