An Empirical Truth

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A Empirical Truth

I’m writing to our leadership–selfish, short-sighted fools
who are selling off our national parks and making other rules
about protected species, pollution and our health.
Saying it’s for our good while the rich expand their wealth.

If Nero fiddled as Rome burned, it’s also true today
that our most notable leader also likes to play.
As he’s shooting birdies on wild habitats turned tame,
his kids take off for Africa to shoot some wild game.

What we do to others turns back on us in time,
and Mother Nature will  find a way of dealing with your crime.
I suggest that you use caution when visiting a zoo
lest the animals you threaten end up hunting you.


Prompt words for today are explain, empirical, zoo, caution and leadership.

18 thoughts on “An Empirical Truth


    THANKS, Well done, except it did not fit the qualification of “humorous poem”~! So Sad That there are people like this, while each year our endangered species grow less numerous while those smiling unmerciful stonyhearted jerks take their photos, then hang another head on the wall. Makes you wonder if this is inherited or learned.

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  2. Christine Goodnough

    There are times animals must be killed to reduce overcrowding or prevent diseases, and there are times when people must hunt for food, but I’ve never had any use for hunting as “sport.” It’s usually done with the lowest possible risk to the hunter; others chase out the game and he shoots it.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      There are game ranches in Africa where they raise the lions in captivity, put them in a corral and give the shooter a crossbow which rarely kills the animal.. then the staff of the game “park” finish off the animal with guns and the person has his/her trophy. Horrible.

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  3. slmret

    True “accomplished conservationists” would never hunt for sport or to hang a head on the wall. Trump Jr. is nothing more than a “poor little rich boy,” hunting for show!

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