How Effective is Wearing a Mask?

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 8.49.28 PM

Click on link below to see video of a lab test of masks vs. no masks for talking, coughing, sneezing!  If you think you don’t need a mask, you just might change your mind. If you are willing to take the risk of going out without a mask, go ahead and risk changing your mind by watching.

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10 thoughts on “How Effective is Wearing a Mask?

  1. rugby843

    When I went to three different med facilities for tests last week I was amazed how nonchalant people were, together, not wearing masks. Maybe you dont care about yourself, then care about others. Some may be unaware they are carrying the virus and some are more vulnerable than others. I have a hard time understanding not wearing one.

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    1. slmret

      Where I go for most of my medical needs, they have screeners at the front door, checking masks, asking questions, taking temperatures. And in each group of offices upstairs, they repeat the process. It seems to me that is one of the most important places to wear a mask!

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        1. slmret

          I always wonder about temp checks — it could be normal even if somebody was infected, or it could be normal today and not tomorrow as the infected person becomes sicker.



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