Rain Beetles

The rain has brought out three new varieties of large beetles that I’ve never seen before. Can anyone identify them? Click on photos to enlarge.

15 thoughts on “Rain Beetles

  1. Dale T Wilson

    Hmmm, My Audubon book only covers FL beetles, but each may be variant on a theme:
    Fiery Searchers “Caterpillar Hunters” ‘Calosoma species’ ( the iridescent beetle)
    Palm Weevil and Lady Beetle

    Everything, and everybody, morphs in this upside down ecological era!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      The good news is that my tree service says it is not a palm beetle.. which would have been very bad news..So far no definitive answers on the others.


  2. Grace

    A Google image search was somewhat helpful, if accurate, these beetles are going to lay waste to your garden!


      1. Grace

        Didn’t get an id on the middle one, Google says the first one is possibly a froghopper and the third one is possibly a Japanese Beetle. I’m sure your tree experts are going to be more accurate than Google image search.


  3. Darlene J H

    Oh that striped one was on my flowers yesterday and flew off just as I raised my camera! I live in southwestern Missouri and will also be eager to find out his identification.



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