Mental Athletes

Mental Athletes

Some call us impetuous, but we suspect they’re jealous.
Others say we’re over-eager when we’re merely zealous.
Our acts are not illegal, though I admit we use
a thousand bits of trivia that all together fuse
to give us an advantage over what may be the norm.
In our minds they come together and we give them form.
Call it a theorem, a proof or an invention.
Such ends are never gotten to by following convention.
As athletes run the marathon and banners are unfurled,
we exercise within our minds and thereby change the world.

Prompt words today are impetuous, glimpse, trivia, suspect and illegal. Image by  via unsplash, used with permission,

7 thoughts on “Mental Athletes

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I answered this once but don’t see it here, so perhaps you’ll hear this twice. I was the same–I won the math prize in our High School but preferred English and Creative Writing and that’s what I majored in in college. I’ve never been sorry and that decision probably led to this blog!



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