Rainy Season Rag


Rainy Season Rag

How can you be so cavalier
with so much lightning flashing near?
Do you not see? Can you not hear?
It’s raining harder. Have you no fear?
The dogs both circle, growl and peer.
This vigilance is their career.
They’re prodding you to move your rear,
Forsake your hammock. Grab your beer
and make a run. The house is near.
Vámonos ahora, my dear!





For the Weekend Writing Prompt: Cavalier in 64 words.

16 thoughts on “Rainy Season Rag

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I would feel so isolated right now without my tribe. We have gotten so close that Morrie has become very jealous of Pasiano and won’t let him within twenty feet of me.. even if I’m inside and P. is outside. So strange. Only Pasiano–who has been my gardener for nineteen years! I guess he’s around the most so he sees him as the biggest threat.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      My dogs live in Mexico so they are very accustomed to thunder and fireworks and don’t respond to them. They do have an uncanny sense about moving me out of danger or making me go to bed when it is time, though. Or perhaps it is just that they want to go up and don’t want to go without me! Now that I’m spending more time in the hammock and studio down below, they are always nearby until I go up to the house.


  1. Bill

    I enjoyed this.
    I’m a pluviophile, so anything about rain and I’m in. But I’m not a fan of thunder and lightning. On the other hand, the beer and hammock sound interesting. Good one. 🙂
    And welcome to the fray. Hope to see you here again next week.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Bill, I asked Siri, “What is a pluviophile” and this is what she heard: “What is a poopy or file?” Ha. So, I had to take alternate measures to verify what I suspected it meant.

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