At a Distance

At a Distance

In these months of social distance, it seems lazy does not matter.
We grow our hair and fingernails and stir the cookie batter.
The main excitement in our lives is whether gravy’s thickening
and when our waistlines do the same, the truth of it is sickening.

Out in the world there’s conflict when factions take to task
the all-consuming question: to mask or not to mask?
Confined to home, we find conflict in books or television
or when we try to teach the kids the facts of long division.

Our galas are all in the past as are the school fetes
as social life is narrowed down to children and to mates.
Whether our lives have changed for good is open to debate.
The only way to know for sure is just to sit and wait.

Prompt words for today are lazy, matter, sickening, gala and conflict.

14 thoughts on “At a Distance

      1. Sadje

        Kids can be impatient and would want to go out and play. But if dealt with reasoning, they do understand the importance of social distancing.


  1. slmret

    We are, for the second time, in shutdown — only essential businesses are allowed to remain open — it hasn’t yet been called stay-at-home yet, but that’s not far away, I fear. There is a statewide mask order, and today the Governor announced that counties on the watch list must open their schools for on-line learning only (that’s 32 counties of a total of 58). Waiting for this to resolve itself and life to adjust again to something more normal is not easy, but I’m thankful to live in a state with a science-oriented government!

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              I bet it has happened. When we went shopping in L.A. once when my mother and friend were visiting, my boyfriend hired a stetch limo to pick us up. We had it drive us through McDonald’s!!!

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