Lazy Day Resolution

Lazy Day Resolution

I do not want to write a thing. I don’t want to design.
When it comes to creativity, I’m ready to resign.
My efficacy’s at an end. I have no further drive.
No further motivation to prove that I’m alive.

I’m going to eat chocolates in front of the TV.
No schedules to live up to. Now all my time is free.
I have no excuses. Your aid is not required.
To end this conversation, I will just say I’m retired!


Prompt words today are design, aid, conversation, efficacy and excuses.

14 thoughts on “Lazy Day Resolution

    1. lifelessons Post author

      So that’s why after my salad and curried rice I ate a handful of chocolate chips with cranberries and almonds? I had forgotten about this chocolate stash but had it set out to encourage me to bake today. I didn’t bake but did follow the dictates of my poem.

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