Photo by Shane-Ha7FZYLEmA on Unsplash. Used with permission.


If she weren’t so frangible, she would be independent.
Her causes would be epic and her actions more resplendent.
She could get more exercise and wouldn’t be so stout.
She’d be so much more sprightly if she could go out.
Her initial actions if she weren’t so fragile
would be acts of daring so spellbindingly agile
that the world would view her as a wonder. Oh, if only,
perhaps then she wouldn’t be so weary and so lonely.

Words for the day are stout, epic, initial, frangible and independent. Photo by Shane-Ha7FZYLEmA on Unsplash. Used with permission.


7 thoughts on “Ennui

      1. SAM VOELKER

        I guess you can see that I am becoming a real first class Jackass from my total isolation and too much being Trumped about. I crave a calm conversation with someone other than a dog and two cats. My internet service has been down for almost a week and just last night came back on; (if that does not make you stir crazy nothing will~!) In addition with the temperature being over 100 every day and no rain for so many days and never dropping below 80 at night, I have had to cut back on going outside, except for our early morning walk, I have just been sending Tami outside for a quick “do it yourself walk” while I sit on the porch in a cool breeze. Even my creek has stopped flowing, quick, send some of that rain this direction and I will promise to keep listening to calming music, rather than just writing dumb things..

        On the plus side the lilies around my pond near the house are blooming and I now have a new pair of twin fawns with a third single one from a young doe. Photos coming when I can go outside to take them. I guess the best thing about my reclusion is that I am not very likely to get the Virus, except for my weekly visit to get food and I don’t even have to shave with that mask covering my face.

        Oh yes, this brings up another bad poem I wrote a long time ago……when I was a much more active, (and pleasant), person….
        (bet you didn’t think it would~!! Ha~!)



        1. lifelessons Post author

          You say another pair of twin fawns. Does one doe have twins every year? Amazing. Just got out of the hammock where I went with no computer for the first time. Morrie jumped up on my lap and we had a good snooze. They are so sweet. They never let me out of their sight and the minute I leave the house, Morrie runs to find Pasiano and bark at him. I’m down in the studio making a retablo for a friend’s 75th birthday. I’m coming out of quarantine to go to it–just 16 people in an outdoor Mexican restaurant. Hope I don’t regret it. Will also go to my friend Brad’s house for dinner this week. He’s the only person I’ve been seeing for the past 4 months other than people who come to house for different services and repairs. I must admit today’s poem isn’t too far from how I’ve been feeling–I’m afraid I’m getting slightly agoraphobic. Guess it is politically correct right now. Perhaps this is what it took to get rid of that abomination in the White House. Going to read your poem now…



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