Memory can be a juggernaut, retelling us too often
of hard past events that time should be allowed to soften.
What good is it to resurrect mistakes and acts of folly?
Better to forget times gone and make the present jolly.

Our only security lies soundly in the present.
Why waste our thoughts on bygone days instead of days more pleasant?
Trade former tears for whoops of joy and for the umpteenth time,
remind yourself you have the choice to make your world sublime.

Words for the day are whoops, juggernautumpteen and security


merciless, indestructible and unstoppable.

10 thoughts on “Attitude


    So well said and timely, I really needed this today~!

    Finely this morning, a very light shower after so many weeks of hot dry weather giving us another reason, other than that dreaded virus, for staying inside. My thinking was, “Oh hopefully it will settle the dust, but not enough to fill my rainwater tanks”; then the positive thinking set in: “maybe it will make the grass and flowers come back and grow and bloom, helping to save the trees, which are looking like they may die, now will now have another chance at life.”

    Why do we often see the down side of a situation based on the past, rather than seeing a little glow of hope in the future. Then I sent a note to friends: “HAY, IT’S RAINING~!”
    Like Muriel Rukeyser you so often have the ability of opening our eyes, turning the negatives into positive~!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Glad you finally got a spot of rain. We had a waterspout in the lake this morning and heavy rains all night long. And thanks for the comparison to Muriel Rukeyser, although I am certainly not in her league.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. I’m sure it can be irritating to read Polyanna-ish advice when going through a really bad time, but it is just a hint that things do get better. Impossible not to feel our feelings, but helps to have a little spark of hope.


      1. slmret

        I really think we can influence outcomes through positive attitudes! I try to keep my pessimistic thoughts in check, but they do creep through every once in a while!



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