Chapala Diary, Page 1 (My Contribution to The Lonely Artist Covid Art Challenge.)

Friday, Aug. 7, 2020

At the beginning of the Coronavirus Sequestering period, I issued a challenge for people to create an art piece that chronicled their experiences during this time. Go HERE to see that challenge.The idea was that we all started out with the same materials, then added what we wished to to come up with an art piece that chronicled these first stages of our isolation. Four friends accepted the challenge, but I’ve only received photos of their work from two. I’m going to be blogging their photos over the next two days, and if anyone else has photos to submit, please do so now.  Below are the photos of my completed project. See if you can find the pieces in it that are some of the materials given to each artist.

(Please click on the first photo to enlarge it and read the story of my Covid Vacation. Clicking on the next arrow enlarges the next photo and gives more of the story.)

My photography session over,  we’ve all moved from the studio to the gazebo. I’m in the hammock and Diego is rolling around and growling on the grass. I’ve never been able to figure out what prompts this. Is it pure kidlike glee or a bee sting? If it is bee stings, he’s a slow learner because he’s been rolling in the grass and growling for years and yet he still tries to catch bees in his mouth every time they venture near, which is the second reason for the bees depicted in the Covid-19 memorial Retablo. Now it just needs a wooden frame and it is complete.

Tomorrow, a depiction of another piece from my Covid Challenge–that of my friend Candace’s piece. If anyone else accepted the challenge and has photos to send me, hurry hurry.  Go HERE to see Candace’s answer to the challenge and HERE to see Jean Mulleneaux’s contribution.

22 thoughts on “Chapala Diary, Page 1 (My Contribution to The Lonely Artist Covid Art Challenge.)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Perhaps, but this is a different sort of rolling..very frenzied with sound effects. Either an excess of joy and energy or trying to relieve some sting or itch on his back..Sometimes both dogs do it at once. A mystery.

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