Hard Drive

The year is 2100, and my computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. This is a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find inside.

Hard Drive

If you long for mystery,
poems, facts and history,
long perambulations
and wild exaggerations,
recipes and letters and
episodes of Homeland,
Elementary, Sherlock, Friends,
a blogging site that never ends,
Emails, Youtube, Facebook notes,
starts of novels, copied quotes,
OkCupid pictures of
possibilities for love,
notes from nice guys, threats from creeps,
notes from guys who play for keeps,
friends who only write when drunk,
chain e-mails, jokes and other junk,
two hundred drafts  of my third book,
(each one different, have a look),
kids stories and their illustrations,
the Christmas plans of my relations,
photographs of my whole life—
its happiness and pain and strife—
some successes but also follies:
fireworks, insects, gardens, dollies,
travel snaps and friendly faces,
rooms at home or foreign places,
birds and children, beaches, skies,
the  camera lens is true and wise
and not as given to fraud and lies
as writings filtered through the eyes
of one who feels the joys or pains
of what she witnesses, then refrains
from trying to change her reader’s mind
to accord with the type or kind
of thoughts she carries deep inside:
pride’s cutting edge, love’s waning tide—
then read this hard drive if you dare,
but if you fear a life laid bare,
I have one word for you. Beware.


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15 thoughts on “Hard Drive

  1. lillian

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of this! I’m sitting here thinking about what someone would find on my computer…..eeeeegads! 🙂
    Your list gives a glimpse into your life….I really like this idea. In face, if you’re okay with it, next time I host a Tuesday Poetics, I might just use this idea as a prompt? I’d give credit to you for the idea of course. What say you?



    Oh that is truly a keeper, THANKS~!, if not to 2100, but maybe even into 2021, With that I wonder what my kids and grand kids will think about me and my fertile mind, thoughts and outlook. Some good but many bad~! I guess our only hope is that they will not get much off a four inch floppy disk drive much less their ascending memory types. But then I could get a lot, even on those, and have a machine that may be able to read them…. Wow when I graduated from 4K to 8K and from 8K to 16K, never dreaming of putting it all on a memory chip as large as my thumbnail.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. I remember when everything I wrote had to go on a disk and I could only have one program in the computer at a time. No photos. No color. Tractor feed on the printer. I still have a box of that tractor feed paper!



    Ha, ha, long before “personal computers” when we had to do it all in writing. I kept a lot of those “love letters” from my various love interest. These had been sent to me by several girl friends when I worked in the many foreign lands. So they were kept neatly tied with ribbons, per author, and kept in shoe boxes. (ha, my HARD drive on paper), I never gave them much more thought after I fell in love for the last time and got married, they must have been placed in a drawer out of sight.

    Well about a year after we were married, we were moving to Rock Springs Wyoming and the bed of my little pickup truck caught fire in the middle of the Red Desert, with the wind blowing sand at over 20 miles an hour. A trucker stopped and we threw a heavy chain over the the top of the burning load and were trying to save what we could by dragging it off the truck.

    Then I turned around and there was Shirley throwing those letters back into the fire one by one. Even in my sadness about the fire, I had to laugh at her. Those things had been bothering her all that time, and I had not even remembered that I still had them… This is one of the reasons I loved her as much as I did. All that time they were a bother to her, but she never mentioned this to me. But when the opportunity opened, she took advantage of it.

    Now at least the story of it is placed in memory for my progeny to read~!
    Smiling SAM

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha. Thanks, Bill. I’ve just found a whole big book of disks from my three previous computers. You can imagine what it is like trasferring those to this computer as well. I think I have most of the documents. It is the photos I’m mainly transferring. Then I have all my slides to do. I just do the scrapbooks as photos are needed for my blog. One could make a life’s work of it.

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