Christians Making Atheists


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7 thoughts on “Christians Making Atheists


    Having come out of the same background as John Pavlovitz, I for years, have followed, read, and agree with what he has to say and teach. I hope my post of yesterday did not give the wrong impression about this. But it sums up exactly the very truth of what Pavlovitz is saying here. I am, and have been a Unitarian for many, many years~! Which is not bigoted toward any person, based on their belief, color, nationality, sexual orientation or for any other way of thinking, except that based on hate. A mind thought I developed by attending an evangelical university. I found that I just did not agree with what they were trying to teach me; when it came to philosophy.

    However I do have a problem with all bigots who can take the bible and twist it to a sick level, using it for their own interpretation. The man in my post of yesterday, and his father, ran Liberty University which sadly produces such a mind thought. As to finding fault with the photo involved, I found it rather funny due to it being an example of his not practicing what he preached, and I said so. I did write, tongue in cheek, with a play on words, about his school and his “fall”, which I found amusing, and was trying to say so. I must say that I am happy to see him go, because such people do cause a lot of unhappy, sad situations.

    While Christian values are fine, carrying them to the level of hate for those who do not follow exactly their own way of thinking is not what I would consider following those values, therefore in my eyes they are just not Christians at all. Most mega church televangelist become very rich by, like Trump, saying things that appeal to persons who are gullible enough to believe them, without thinking for their selves.

    If you are still interested you will find my post here:

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        I was pleasantly surprised to see your post of John Pavlovitz. I follow him on a regular basis. I may not completely agree with (everything) he says but he is a good writer and I like most of what he says. Some people need religion. They must find reason for their life. That is OK but it should be within not without.
        Sometime I get carried away and fuss at myself for being too hard on others, but I had it thrown at me too long and too hard, and know more about the bible to know how unreal it is. I have many poems where I try to talk about this, but have family who feel that I am a man of the devil for doing so.

        A couple of days ago I read about a preacher who killed his wife because his religion was against divorce and he was afraid that he would loose his position.

        One poem to show there may be “reason to rhyme” but there are so many more”


  2. winteroseca

    That article hits every nail on the head! I heard a couple of conflicting statements once. One is that the younger generation is so disinterested in religion that they don’t even count as proper atheists. Another one is that the younger generation can end up hooked in extremist religious beliefs. I think that’s due to the fact they haven’t learned to be careful. I read this article once called The Mothers of Isis, and these Moms talked about how their sons got into extremist Islamic beliefs because they had suffered some extreme hardship in their lives. Christians can have an extreme superiority complex!

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