Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

If you want my love, dear, you’ve got to give me space.
Love’s so much more likely when not always face-to-face.
Even the paranormal works better when the fright
occurs when not expected instead of every night.

That familiarity breeds contempt is not, dear, mere codswallop!
Love is more exciting when taken as a dollop.
How many great love stories were romantic interlude—
those long-remembered periods when we were briefly wooed?

Love can be a lifelong trip or one terrific bash
where two bodies crash together and then burn away to ash.
The bodies that are left to us may then be wooed and married,
the memory of past flaming passions sealed away and buried.

But in a vault within us, those past interludes are kept,
and now and then the present they are bound to intercept.
They do not rival constancy—that lasting love or marriage
that is the coach that carries us. They’re just the undercarriage.

But that daily diet that regularly nourishes
cannot but be improved upon with a few spicy flourishes.
Like an appetite that grows the stronger with the fasting,
love delayed may well make even married love more lasting.


Just for the fun of it this time, I decided to look up one prompt word at a time and write a couplet that contained it before looking up the next word, then do the same each time. So much fun. I always say I rarely know where a poem is going until I finish it, but this time is the proof of it! I didn’t know from couplet to couplet where it was going.

Sam found THIS POEM that bears a remarkable resemblance to the poem above. I guess when I start repeating myself, it is time to stop. I had no memory of writing this poem. Guess it is time to start worrying as well.

Words of the day are space, paranormal, codswallop, interlude and crash.

20 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


      I so often have a problem expressing myself. I did find the execution of your poem great; and you did say that you enjoyed putting it together, so this is what is most important. But my thoughts are more complex than this, and I was thinking about our attitude of times past,,,,, not the short trial marriages we have today, like a butterfly fluttering around to see which flower has the sweetest nectar.

      As to making sense of our thoughts, just yesterday I happened upon a poem I had written. I liked the title and the thought it brought out, but the poem itself was ziltch. It in no way had anything at all to say about the subject, it rambled on and on, with no rhythm, no two words rhymed, and no story at all~! It must have been one of those three o’clock things that I thought was great at the time I wrote it in a half sleep daze. I said to myself I must fix this now because I have a friend who may may see it, and tell me that I am not a poet at all, and should find another pastime. I zapped all of it except the title, and did the whole thing over. Tomorrow I will look at it again and see if it was fixed~!

      comme si comme sa~!

      I did find an answer to your poem that I was looking for though,,,, and here it is:


      1. lifelessons Post author

        You Devil, Sam. As I was reading it, I was thinking, “This sounds more like my style than Sam’s,” but I didn’t remember writing it until I got to the end and scrolled up and saw I had in fact written it. Sometimes I don’t remember what I wrote yesterday. On to the next thing.


        1. SAM VOELKER

          Your fault for being too prolific and also having so many correspondents that you do not know them all…. but it does approach the subject~! Like I said, I have been going through reading mine and I really like some of them and feel that others should not have been written.

          I also got in trouble a few weeks back. new fawns on my place and I posted a photo of one young deer as i could not photograph the twins. However the photo I posted turned out to have been taken by a friend and she got a bit upset for my taking credit for it. I probably have hundreds of photos of baby fawns and she must have sent this one to me or hers. I hope the wildlife get enough water in this dry time, I see prints in the much along the creek edge, so they are OK for now. There were also wild pig tracks and they really mess up the place digging in the wet mud.

          KAMALA HARRIS was not my first choice for VP but she will do well, I actually had her pegged for AG as she is also qualified for this and it is my hope that Trump answers for all the people dying of the Virus due to his stupidity and attitude..
          MC (caution post unedited~!)



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