Schmutzwortsuche, Aug 14, 2020



I’m a martyr to the language, a proponent of its usage.
Malapropisms shatter me. I cringe at their abusage.
I’m a verbal junkie. I use language every day.
Rare is the occasion where I don’t know what to say.
Yet, mere crude modern vulgarisms rarely cross my lips.
I cling to formal usage—give gratuities, not tips.
I need not stoop to schmutzwortsuche, for I’m never bored.
There are so many nicer words in books where words are stored.
But if a vulgarism is your quip of last resort,
at least please choose a clever one for your rude retort!


Prompt words today are martyr, verbal, schmutzwortsuche, gratuity and language.

14 thoughts on “Schmutzwortsuche, Aug 14, 2020


    Oh a great one, and no rude retort from me because I love long words that will send you to the dictionary, starting with the title, and I just learned two new ones today by reading your well written poem~! Thanks~!

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  2. Melanie B Cee

    Cheers Judy! You write the most clever poetry! I’m happy to have contributed to this one! And good on ya for rarely using malapropisms and vulgarity in your conversations! Some of us do it, far too often! Again, excellent poem!



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