Chemical Used to Make Plastic Bottles Linked to Increased Death Risk

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3 thoughts on “Chemical Used to Make Plastic Bottles Linked to Increased Death Risk

  1. XingfuMama

    It may be impossible to determine, but I’d be interested to know about whether soda pop was part of the way the BPA got into the blood. It has acid from carbonation. It also is efficient at getting sugar into the blood stream, which contributes to several underlying conditions.
    The data about minority mortality being higher is so depressing. Black Lives Matter seems to be a refrain in more than one sphere.
    Vote Biden-Harris…At least they care and will try.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Good point… I remember my friend’s mother putting solid things into Coke and showing how it dissolved them. I also remember when I was in the jungle in Africa, drinking a coke from a case that had been stored upside down in their glass bottles and the taste of the plastic lining inside the caps had permeated every bottle of Coke. It was horrible.

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