Coming Clean about Hydroychloroquine

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7 thoughts on “Coming Clean about Hydroychloroquine

  1. V.J. Knutson

    In the age of too much information, everyone thinks their opinion is correct. We had a repairman come to our house really spouting the coronavirus as a hoax, and this drug as the cure. He’d read it online. The article is good common sense. How do we convey that to the minds glazed over by nonsense?


  2. David

    HI Judy, there is so much misinformation about Hydroxychloroquine that it seems hard to know what is true. I feel that it is effective when used correctly. Its successes have been highly suppressed by the mainstream, yet there is very strong evidence that in actuality it is effective. Here’s one source of many that support my argument:


  3. David

    Just wanted to add that its effectiveness depends a lot on it’s being used with Zinc and azithromycin. Also wanted to add that I, like you, think Trump is horrific and we have to get him out of office, despite his using Hydroxychloroquine.

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  4. John Hric

    How did we go from the age of information (using the internet) to the age of disinformation ( using social media) in such a speedy plummet? If the virus is a hoax why do we need a (false) cure ? If this lying narcissus bankrupted five companies and swindled thousands of our veterans with his hoax of a university why did we ever elect him? Oh right he spoke his mind. For the last 3 years we have seen quite painfully what comes from him speaking his mind. The megalomaniac is running this country like one of his companies on its way to bankruptcy.



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