Advice for Novice Parents

Advice for Novice Parents

You’re supporting and loving. Efficient? Well, maybe.
Most times you can locate that elusive baby.
You’re parents with character—sometimes too much of it.
(A quirk functions better with only a touch of it.)
When you pause in your diapering for a martini,
your baby may wage a protest with his weenie.
Better you party when parenting’s done
so baby’s not there to dampen your fun!


Prompt words today are pause, character, supporting, elusive and  baby.

15 thoughts on “Advice for Novice Parents

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Your last line reminds me of an incident…a young mom was changing baby’s diaper, had him laid on the change table in the mother’s room at church and had just removed the soiled one when he turned into a fountain. The stream hit the low ceiling and cascaded down on her. Yes, they can dampen you. 🙂



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