Mystery Annoyance: FOTD Aug 27, 2020

A friend gave me a few of these plants from her garden before she moved back to the states. I soon grew to rue the day I planted them as within a year they had started to take over my garden. They formed borders around the gazebo and the back wall and the studio, but soon they started to spread to potted plants and every single inch of the yard where they could find a foothold, so . . . .(Click on first photo and then each in sequence to read the rest of the story.)

8 thoughts on “Mystery Annoyance: FOTD Aug 27, 2020

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I pull them out when they are not in the borders where they are supposed to be. Believe me, that would be all there was in my yard. But I let this one be at least for now.


  1. slmret

    What a pretty little flower — I take it you don’t know what they are! My first thought was that maybe you could use them in your lot, but they’d really take over there, with nothing in their way!


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    We have three or four? climbers all not from around here. Bitterroot in a vine which has completely taken over the garden. Then there’s the wild grape vines — just vines, no grapes — and the bindweed. it’s AWFUL. And we have now been invaded by butterfly weed, which is great for the butterflies, but it has choked out every other flower AND it’s flowering. And it’s HUGE, like 7 feet tall.

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