Fresh Prizes: For Marilyn and Garry

Fresh Prizes

Even though she thinks she knows him to the bone,
another little detail comes forward to be shown.
Like a little prize, presented for her viewing,
after all these years, he’s not finished with his wooing.

No fact  inconsequential as he unveils his life,
so even after decades as a man and wife,
new mysteries are still revealed in words coined charismatically.
Each new revelation, an avowal made emphatically.


This poem is in answer to Marilyn Armstrong’s comment about her husband, Garry:

Marilyn Armstrong

We still are discovering things we didn’t know about each other. You’d think we’d know it all by now, but we keep surprising each other. It’s kind of cool.

Prompt words today are prize, drain, emphatic, inconsequential and bone.

19 thoughts on “Fresh Prizes: For Marilyn and Garry


    Beautiful tribute, beautiful poem, and beautiful comments on what must be a combination of two great people. Thanks Judy, and you too Marilyn and Garry. These thoughts make me happy as well, I will be thinking about you all day.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    It’s like a little love poem. I may need to print it and frame it 😀 Garry loved it too. I suppose that’s the big benefit of having an interesting life. You get old, but you don’t have to get bored with each other. I’m going to rerun this on my site tomorrow. It’s really lovely! Thank you so very very much 😀

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Marilyn, if you like using the old editor, here is even a faster way to get to it: You can cut a step out of the posting process. Go immediately to the Administration page and right at the very top, it says Posts and beside it it says “Add New.” Click on it and it opens a new post in the old editor. You don’t have to go to the dread block editor page first. Thanks to Fandango for pointing that out.


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