Yellow Hibiscus: FOTD, Sept 4, 2020

Sadly, my neighbor Tomas passed away in his sleep a few days ago. When his wife Dolores left yesterday to go back to the states, she brought me the containers from a meal I’d taken over to them, as well as this beautiful yellow hibiscus. It was dinner-plate sized and more gorgeous than I was able to capture, probably because it was night before I thought to take a photo and no natural light was available. R.I.P. Tomas and safe travels, Dolores. Click on photos to enlarge.

8 thoughts on “Yellow Hibiscus: FOTD, Sept 4, 2020

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I really didn’t know them very well, but it is always sad when someone passes. Once again, almost everyone in my neighborhood is passing away or moving. Six neighbors have died in the past nine months and four more couples are moving away. I am the only person who has been on this entire square block plus the block across the street for 19 years. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a community that has so many retirees


  1. slmret

    That is a gorgeous flower! I’m sorry to hear about Tomas — how sad that you’ve lost so many of your neighbors — but there will be new ones, and they will also become good friends too. It’s easy for that statistic to be a downer — don’t let it bring you down 🙂 !

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    It is really sad when a contemporary passes away. Of all my friends growing up I seem to be the only one still alive…. A real put down, but on the up side I make new ones, with the only problem is that many do not know of think of common things that I grew up with or like.



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