Pecky Eaters

Although these birds are of different species, they have one thing in common, in that they are domesticated birds who also happen to live in restaurants. Who could order chicken with these handsome fellows in clear constant view?  Click on the photos to enlarge and read their stories.

For Bird Weekly: Domesticated Birds.

15 thoughts on “Pecky Eaters


    I once stopped at a small shack type eating place, high up in the mountains of Mexico. It was a beautiful spot where you could eat in the open jungle canopy, though rather primitive with howler monkeys yelling in the trees around it. I do not remember just what I ordered, but I do remember them taking a long pole and knocking a papaya out of a tree. Then shaking another tree and picking up limes. The salad was also being picked from the garden spot, right there next to me. Now suspicious me, I kept my eye on those monkeys just in case they would become part of the main dish.

    This is only one of many times that I have eaten at such primitive places in my travels. Sometime wondering just exactly what the “specialty of the house” really was. But that is another story, or many~!


  2. Lisa Coleman

    These are a real delight to see! I’m so happy you shared a peacock with us this week. I couldn’t find mine as the last time I took a photo of a peacock, I was shooting film and I never catalogued anything back then. Fabulous photos and cute stories! Your pingback went into my spam and I just saw it this morning. Happy to have you join us this week! 🙂


  3. Grace

    Looking at the photo of the peacock I wondered – Can they fly? So I Googled and it seems they can, sort of, – they hop and flutter – So not only did I get to enjoy your marvelous photos but I learned something as well.


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