Six on Saturday: Subtropical Garden Shots

I moved from Boulder Creek, California to San Juan Cosala, Mexico fourteen years ago, trading one beautiful spot on Earth for another one.

For Six on Saturday

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Subtropical Garden Shots

  1. Suzi

    Judy, do you know that the fires have taken much of Boulder Creek? It’s awful what’s happening here, so much beauty gone.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Suzi, I know it took one neighborhood but I don’t think it has taken most of it, and the downtown area is still safe. There was a warning out until 8 am this morning. Hopefully the danger is over for the time-being. The worst of the fire was in August and I know fires are still blazing in Oregon now as well. So sad. I had one friend lose his home in Brookdale and friends in Bonny Doon have had to leave because of smoke and damage to the infastructure–water and electricity–but their home is safe. Others in that area, sadly, burned. Friends in Bonny Doone have returned to their houses. Don’t know if friends in Boulder Creek have yet..



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