I simply cannot reconcile that glimmer in your eyes
with any look that I’ve received from any other guys.
My friends say you’re perfidious, yet I don’t get that message.
“Danger” is an ending that your gazes do not presage.
If the frustration that I’m feeling is transmitted in my gaze,
perhaps you will decipher it while wandering its maze.
For every time you’re present, I’m a prisoner of pondering
that question in your eyes that always sets my mind to wandering
down pathways we meander, walking hand-in-hand.
So long as you are in my thoughts, my heart is in remand.
We need a kind interpreter to set our looks aright.
Perhaps there’s a happy ending for him to expedite.


Prompt words today are frustration, reconcile, agastopia, perfidious and message.

Agastopia: Admiration of  or a fixation on a particular part of someone’s body.

16 thoughts on “Agastopia


    This post is one that really so badly needs a reply, but I have had a terrible day and my eyes may be showing it. (a dead give away)….But in the fear of being another “forgotten man” I will wait until tomorrow to respond a reply to the past two post…. It started at 7:00 today, and ended at the 5:00 o’clock rush, which for a country boy, is really not a good way to spent his life. (I hope the “boy” taking care of me has a wife that is very kind), because I was (not) and I am sure he may go home as beat down as I am~! And in addition to that and a “Southern Comfort on the rocks” which has not improved my attitude or spelling,

    I did get strange looks from others sitting in the “six foot stay apart” waiting room because I was reading “Novos Ordo Saclorum” by Forrest McDonald. A great book, if somewhat out dated, but it does explain the background of our govrnment and how it has gone wrong. It also does amuse me when then can read the title of a book, but do not know what the book is about.

    So, I now I will turn into an early bird, trying to forget the day…It started out great and for my little “habanero colored VW”, (like your house), and it ended well, so I was happy. So “hold tight” and I will try to calm down~!

    You see, they were supposed to service my car for free, due to the purchase contract, and have it ready in about three hours, but it turned more into about 8 hours, before it was ready, and at the five o’clock, rush as well……I wish that I could be more calm about such things, as Tami is…She let me know that it was all right, and grabbed the treats that I gave her before I left~!…She always leaves them until I return in case I do not~! I have not yet checked the carpet but feel that she held off as long as she could…I love that little girl~!

    So living just to the west of Austin, on the major highway going into the “hill Country”, from three to seven on a Friday it is a mad house, of people trying to get to the Texas Hill Country, just as it is in California on a big Friday, getting out of town.
    More later,,,, now where is that Southern Comfort, one more before I will watch to see what the damn Trump bunch has done today.

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